Littelfuse, 500mA Glass Cartridge Fuse, Speed T Pack of 100 Fuses

Littelfuse, 500mA Glass Cartridge Fuse, Speed T Pack of 100 Fuses

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Glass cartridge fuses are ideal for providing protection to devices or internal circuits from short circuits and overcurrent.

They are deliberately weaker components which, when too much current is drawn, will blow.

Once the fuse has blown it will need replacing in order to make the circuit complete and allow the flow of current.


Glass cartridge

5 x 20 mm cartridge size

T Speed Rating


Low Breaking Capacity

Typical applications:

Cartridge fuses are a relatively cheap way of protecting electrical equipment from short circuits and overcurrent and can be used to protect electrical appliances such as motors air-conditions, refrigerator, pumps etc.

They can be found in the following areas:

Industrial, Commercial, Home/Residential & Automotive

Additional Information:

Why choose a glass fuse?

Glass and ceramic fuses have similar properties. However you may choose a glass fuse as it enables you to see the inside of the fuse. Therefore it is easier to determine whether the fuse has blown.

What size is it?

5x20 mm is a standard cartridge size and it measures approximately 20 mm long by 5 mm in diameter. They are popular in board and panel protection and will fit a compatible 5x20 fuse holder.

What Speed is it?

This particular fuse is “T” speed rated which means it is a slow acting fuse, sometimes referred to as anti-surge. It is able to tolerate higher levels for a short period, without shorting. Therefore, if a sudden change occurs, this fuse will not blow immediately. They are suitable for applications where a sudden flow of high current is required.

What is Breaking Capacity?

Breaking capacity is the level of current that the fuse can safely handle without exploding or rupturing. The breaking capacity of your fuse should be greater than the fault current of your electronic circuit. This particular fuse is LBC (Low Breaking Capacity).

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