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PUR Potting Compound Low Penetrating Viscosity Clear Amber Polyurethane, Electro

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RS PRO Twin-Pack Clear Amber Polyurethane Potting Compound

From RS PRO a high-quality two-part clear amber, flexible polyurethane encapsulation compound designed to encapsulate and provide protection to your more delicate electronic components from vibration and mechanical and thermal shock and high humidity environments. The transparency of this resin once cured allows easy inspection of the potted electronics and identification of any defects. Because this potting compound is so soft it can be easily cut or dug out from any component that requires repair or replacement without having to strip down a whole unit saving both time and cost! The components that go to make up this potting compound are supplied in convenient two-component packs, one containing the polyurethane resin and the other containing the hardener. The contents are mixed together without opening the bag, simply remove the central clip and mix!

What is Clear Amber Polyurethane Potting Compound?

This clear amber polyurethane potting compound is a type of flexible electronic potting compound used for potting PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and electronics components. Potting is a process of filling a complete electronic assembly with a solid or gelatinous compound. The potting compound, once applied, cured and hardened encases your electronics in a solid mass which acts as a barrier providing your components with mechanical and environmental protection. Polyurethane compounds are soft and retain their flexibility over their working life so they are ideal for protecting your components over a wide temperature range. The protection offered by this potting compound will enhance your products performance and will continue to do so even at temperatures as low as -60°

Features and Benefits

• Very low hardness, can be dug out for easy component removal
• Clear amber colour allows quick and easy fault finding
• Very low water absorption
• Excellent low temperature performance, remaining flexible to -60°
• Low embedment stress and ideal for protecting delicate components from mechanical and thermal shock
• ’Mix in the bag’ twin pack design reduces user contact and mess

What is This Clear Amber Polyurethane Resin Potting Compound Used For?

This flexible potting compound is designed for potting circuits that contain delicate electrical components such as ferrites or glass reed switches which may be exposed to rapid changes in temperature. Because of the softness of the compound it is especially suited for use in potting units that may require rework or repair. The low water absorption properties of this potting compound also make it ideal for use in high humidity environments.

What's in the Pack?

This potting compound is supplied in a two-part, twin pack format. One pack contains the polyurethane resin and the other contains the hardener both measured to the correct mix ratio. The two compartments are separated by a clip, which, when removed, forms one bag allowing you to mix the contents together. This design prevents air entrapment and allows the resin to be applied without any direct user contact avoiding excessive handling and mess. Each twin pack is supplied with full instructions for use. All packs are supplied with a desiccant for storage.

How do you Apply Potting Compound?

Before applying this potting compound it is important that any residue or contaminants are removed from the electronic components prior to potting. The electronic assembly is placed inside a mould called ’The pot’. This mould is then filled with the mixed potting compound that hardens and permanently protects the assembly. Circuit boards can also be potted and are often called ’potted’ PCBs. These circuit boards have high walled sides forming an enclosure with the mounted electronic components sitting inside. The potting compound is then poured into this enclosure

Potting Compounds: Twin Packs




Product Material


Package Type


Package Size

250 g

Special Properties

Low Penetrating Viscosity

Cure Time

24 h


12 Shore A

Thermal Conductivity



Transparent Yellow

Maximum Operating Temperature


Minimum Operating Temperature


Chemical Composition

Diphenylmethane-4, 4'-Di-Isocyanate

Viscosity Description

Low Viscosity

Volume Resistivity

1014Ω cm

Viscosity Measurement

50 mPa/s at +25°C

Physical Form

Viscous Liquid

Dielectric Strength


Operating Temperature Range

-60 → +100 °C

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